Gym Hip Circle

Art # HC-00-02


Gym Hip Circle Fitness for Weight Training


  • Rajab International Exercise loop band make you fill comfortable and gives you MORE RESISTANCE THEN ANY OTHER BAND. Whit this band you can, NOT JUST PRE-WORKOUT but also have real work out and make your legs and body much stronger and looks better. Good for Men and Women.For GYM, YOGA or just at home. LATEX FREE. Fits easily in a gym bag, a backpack or a purse. Designed for warmups and stretching. The wrap is lightweight and compact perfect for storage and QUICK HOME TRAINING.
  • GET RESULTS AT HOME FAST! - Resistance loop bands are a simple, fast and effective way to stretch, tone, flatten and firm your body. Warm up your legs, hips, quads, glutes, ankle, thigh, and butt with no other equipment or machine. Great stretching warmup tool for weightlifting, powerlifting, and many other workouts (athletes, runners too!). Increase flexibility quickly! Amazing toner to shred love handles and saddlebags. Squat with a better form using the belt around your knees.
  • PERFECTS LIFTING FORM AND AWESOME WARMUP TOOL - Wear the resistance bands around the knees to correct and maintain great form during many lifts including squats, deadlifts and more. Keeps knees pushed out during squats and deadlifts; keep knees in alignment over toes during air squats or weighted squats. Place circle band above knees to provide resistance for muscle groups by walking laterally, forward, or backward; great for warming up pre-workout.

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