Gym Fitness Slingshot

Art # SS-00-11


HEAVY GYM GEAR Weight Lifting Gym Fitness Slingshot

  Bench Press Blaster Slingshots

Great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press most athletes see a 10-30% increase in their bench press. Ensure the perfect form Keeps the elbows tucked, the lats tight and shoulders in a good position. It can also be used for work through an injury or injury prevention. It will allow you to generate more power and control and work on the weaker part of your lift. The Bench Press Sling is the perfect tool for anyone looking to overload their bench press without pain. Create the PERFECT bench press rep after rep by keeping the elbows tucked, the lats tight and with much greater intensity in your workout. Available in 3 Resistance Levels (L1 = beginners, L2 = intermediate, L3 = Advance)------Visit our Amazon Store weight limit of bench press as follow, L1 for less than 135kg, L2 between 135 and 155kg and L3 for over 155kg.


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