WEIGHT LIFTING ELBOW SLEEVES Neoprene Elbow Sleeves 7mm Elbow (Pair) Support

7mm Elbow (Pair) Support

Art # ES-OO-01


7mm Elbow (Pair) Support & Compression Squats



Our neoprene 7mm elbow sleeves provide excellent support and warmth but still allow full and comfortable flexion of the elbow. Constructed from strong 7mm neoprene to add extra support during pressing movements and to provide extra mechanical advantage. The other main function is to protect your elbow from future injury and reduce risk of damage during all forms of weight/resistance training and sports. They are a secure fit which provide maximum SUPPORTCOMPRESSION and PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT.


SUPPORT - Our elbow sleeves ensure increased joint stability and higher muscle coordination while reducing risk of injury.

COMPRESSING the elbow encourages blood flow through the blood vessels of the elbow and surrounding tissues which results in less pain and swelling during and after performance. The compression provided by the sleeve and the warmth which is generated by the neoprene can help/prevent tendonitis.


PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. Due to the elasticated nature of our uniquely designed 5mm & 7mm blend neoprene sleeves, kinetic energy can be stored. This can be subsequently released during the extension of the elbow to provide additional performance when doing any from for pressing movements from bench press to push press.


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